v0.31.84 Released - Card Crafting & Deck Workshop

  • New Feature: Card Blueprints & Deck Workshop
    • Cards can now be permanently unlocked for your account by buying their blueprint in the Deck Workshop
    • New Currency: Amber - earned when you destroy cards you’ve drafted
    • Once you’ve unlock the blueprint for a card, you can obtain unlimited copies of it  for any of your decks at the low price of 5 Amber per copy.
    • All drafts have a small chance to be a Blueprint Draft, which will unlock the chosen card permanently for your account.
    • The workshop UI look and feel will continue to be improved, but we felt players would prefer we release the system sooner rather than wait till its polished.
  • There is now a 100 Amber daily login bonus. This bonus is doubled on Fridays, to coincide with the release of new cards.
  • You now only keep one drafted card per game. You can no longer remove cards from your deck at the end of a game.
  • When a card you created is added to the Collection, you’ll unlock the blueprint immediately and your copies of that card will have a golden frame
  • You can now draft from the main menu using 50 Gold or 40 Amber. Amber earned from main menu drafts is doubled if you don’t keep a card.
  • The maximum deck size has increased to 300
  • Hero Changes
    • Heldim: Passive is now "+2 EXP when you attack with exactly one unit."
    • Vriktik
      • Passive is now "+1 EXP each turn an enemy unit dies."
      • Level 2 reward (Centien Ghoul) now goes directly into play
    • Buluc’s level 5 reward is now "Your damaged units' ATK is tripled."
      • Dev note: Level 5 abilities have generally been easier to get to than we originally expected. At the same time, we’ve heard players would prefer Heroes’ final ability be more of a win condition, like Buluc’s previous ult was. Our intent with this change is to bring Buluc’s ult in line with the other existing heroes. Heroes released in the future will have more powerful level 5 abilities, but those heroes will require more EXP to reach level 5.
  • Core Set Balance Changes
    • Elusive Goatrabbit now gains 1 life when you play a spirit card (previously 2)
  • The turn timer is now tracked by the server. Reconnecting will no longer reset the turn timer. This fixed some bugs associated with the client-side timer not working as intended.
    • If you run out of time while drafting, the game will choose a random card to keep
  • There is now a 13 card maximum hand size.
    • Cards you would draw when your hand is full are discarded
    • Drafts you would make while your hand is full are skipped
    • Testing a card in editor mode while your hand is full will discard the right-most card in your hand.
  • Summon abilities will now appear after keywords, but before all other abilities on cards
  • Wild Cannibal’s Active now only has an effect if its target was alive
  • Uppercut no longer checks if you have a unit with <2 ATK before you can play it
  • Removed the extra rule in campaign mode where you get 4 copies of cards you draft.
  • Cards have improved 3D visual appearance
  • The wording of the majority of the cards added to the game so far has been reworked. Huge thanks to Lucco1 for help with this.
  • Editor
    • Added Shuffle Deck step
    • You can now rearrange the order of steps using the up and down arrows in the top left corner of each block
    • Passive abilities can no longer contain steps that aren’t meant for passives
    • “Until” conditions are hidden on these steps
    • Existing cards aren’t automatically updated but should continue to work as before. If you see a step inside a passive ability with “Choose…” selected, you should update that step to use one of the new passive-specific steps.
    • Blocks that use operators (“Compare Things”, “Compare Numbers”, etc.) now restrict the operators in the dropdown to ones that work with that block.
    • Fixed an issue where including certain Hero reward cards in a “Create Card” step would cause testing the card to fail
    • Fixed an issue where switching between columns with comments wouldn’t update the comment at the top


collective-osx-universal.zip 373 MB
Version 0.31.84 Aug 02, 2018
collective-windows.zip 379 MB
Version 0.31.84 Aug 02, 2018

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