v0.35.93 Released

  • The in-game editor now uses a newer, experimental system to display itself. This should resolve the issue where some people couldn’t start editor games. Performance has also improved in our testing.
  • Deck construction changes:
    • The minimum deck size has been increased to 45 cards
    • You can now have up to 3 copies of a card in a deck
    • For the transition, we’ve added one copy of each card in each deck to those decks.
  • Out of Game drafts no longer give double amber compared to normal drafts.
  • The alpha first pvp win bonus has been reduced to 250 gold.
  • Cards can no longer have more than one copy of a keyword ability at a time. For keywords that remove themselves such as Ward or Rebound, you can only have one “shield” at a time, but actions and abilities can grant a new copy after losing the original.
  • Improved performance on the login screen
  • The graveyard now shows 4 cards at a time when you open it instead of all cards that have ever died. This significantly improves performance in some cases.
    • Known Issue: The colors on the mana cost, ATK and HP of cards in the graveyard aren’t updating correctly.
  • The animation speed slider has been removed. All animations now happen at the previous max speed.
  • The Done and Undo buttons now push down
  • Core Set Changes
    • Nightvision Carrot has been redesigned. New effects: “Enemy units lose Unblockable, Feed: +2 HP”
    • Food Cart: Feed effect is now "Feed: Comes into play attacking if ATK is 5 or less."
    • Rabock Helmet now has the Armor tribal type
  • Bug Fixes
    • Loading the editor should no longer get stuck on “Searching for Opponent” (see above)
    • Tokens with Ambush created during the attack phase can now block the turn they are created as expected.
    • Fixed a bug where cards with a golden frame weren’t showing up as expected in games
    • Fixed a bug where Cassiel would sometimes be blockable by non-fliers
    • Fixed bug where passives that give other abilities would give two copies of that ability sometimes
  • Editor
    • “Continuously Update” is now off by default inside non-passive abilities.
    • Removed animation controls from passive abilities (since they didn’t do anything)
    • Compare Things no longer accepts groups. Previously, this could cause the game to break.
    • There is now a “Put card(s) on top of deck”  step


collective-osx-universal.zip 412 MB
Version 0.35.93 Aug 26, 2018
collective-windows.zip 415 MB
Version 0.35.93 Aug 26, 2018

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