v0.37.98 Released - Game Log, Silence, & More...

  • New Feature: Game Log - shows a record of recent cards played, abilities used, attacks, etc. Mouse over individual entries for more detail.
  • New Keyword - Silence: Permanently removes all abilities from a unit.
    • Doesn’t remove stat buffs from other cards like Rabock Helmet
    • Isn’t an ability like other keywords, it’s an effect that an action or ability can have.
  • Visual Changes
    • New Animations
      • Blueprint crafting
      • Level 5 hero rewards
      • Unit death
    • When units die, the remaining units in play should no longer rearrange themselves until the end of the phase
    • Adjusted the layout of units on the board depending on how many are currently in play. Units in the back rows are now always shown in the order they entered play.
  • Emote Improvements
    • Player and unit emotes can now be closed by clicking on them
    • Each ability can only play one emote per game. E.g. Tag-Team Wrestler won’t play an emote when you play a second one.
  • Spells that give keyword abilities and other similar effects will now show reminder text in-game for the abilities they give. Reminder text is now based on the text of the card instead of what abilities the card currently has.
  • All changes to a card are now removed when it leaves play. Previously, this happened when a card moved between any two zones. This reduces the need to use “Permanent” steps when designing card logic.
  • In editor mode, you now start with 99 life and a 45 card deck.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Cards in the graveyard should now have the correct colors on their mana cost, ATK, and HP
    • Define Something’s Property… would incorrectly set values to 0 sometimes when in a passive ability
    • When Heldim’s passive triggers, it will once again have an animation
    • Fixed several reconnection and disconnect bugs
    • Campaign enemy powers now interact with Ward as expected.
    • Cards that remove abilities (Haunting Reminder, etc.) will no longer break Ward on units that don’t have the ability being removed.
  • Editor:
    • New look
    • Integrated Discord #editor-help chat
    • Added “Silence Unit(s)” step
    • Units now have an “Is Silenced” property


collective-osx-universal.zip 373 MB
Version 0.37.98 Sep 18, 2018
collective-windows.zip 379 MB
Version 0.37.98 Sep 18, 2018

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