v0.44.108 - Mana Cap

  • New Feature - Mana Cap
    • Players’ max mana stops growing each turn once they have 13.
    • If you already have 13 max mana, cards that increase max mana can be used to boost beyond the mana cap.
  • Card Changes
    • Cataclysm now costs 10
    • Spider King is now Spirit affinity
    • Lizabo Nestmother now has one affinity tick
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed inconsistencies with Untargetable that sometimes broke the game.
    • Fixed a bug in the AI that crashed the game when it encountered certain player created cards.
    • Fixed display that always showed players as level one when hovering over the next level reward.


collective-osx-universal.zip 412 MB
Version 0.44.108 Oct 14, 2018
collective-windows.zip 415 MB
Version 0.44.108 Oct 14, 2018

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