v0.46.111 - Deck Slots, Story Mode, and More

  • New Feature - Deck Slots: You can now have more than one multiplayer deck per hero. Deck slots cost 3500 gold.
  • New Mode - Story: Currently contains the first 3 tutorial matches, which have been redesigned. Tutorial progress has been reset.
  • New Keyword - Agile: Allows a unit to attack the turn it enters play
  • Balance Changes
    • Buluc’s Passive now gives 2 EXP
    • Vriktik’s level 5 reward is now "Create a copy of the first unit to die each turn"
    • Lizabo Thief now has Agile instead of “Summon: This attacks.”
  • Out-of-Game Draft Changes
    • Now costs 750 Gold
    • Always drafts blueprints
    • Includes a random amount of additional Amber (average 100 per draft)
    • Duplicates of blueprints you already own may appear in the draft. When they do, you’ll automatically be credited additional Amber instead of being able to pick the card.
  • First Win of the Day bonus has been reduced to 250 Gold.
    • "Alpha First PVP Win of the Day" bonus remains 250 Gold.
  • AI Improvements - the AI will now use removal, Active abilities, attacking and blocking somewhat intelligently.
  • Brilliance has been removed. Existing cards have been updated to read “When you level up…”. Dev Note: We removed this because it is almost never used, and because it can be replaced with a simple triggered ability.
  • New “VS” screen at the beginning of games
  • Golden cards now have a special animation when played in game.
  • Cards highlighted to be clickable should now always be clickable
  • Editor:
    • A new set of animations are available, all of which involve throwing 3d models of items at the target.
    • New Blocks
      • Random Card from Outside the Game - Gets a random blueprint from all cards in the game. Has filters for mana cost, card type, and tribal type.
      • Contains Word
    • New Trigger Types
      • Drawing cards - for players and globally. They occur anytime a card moves from a deck to the hand.
      • Beginning of Game - useful for effects like Hive Mind Queen
    • All color pickers now have an eyedropper tool. Click on the color picker, then click on the canvas to select the hovered color.
    • Despite not being officially supported, we have added some small improvements to the editor on phones. The art editor is still unsupported.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed bug where Thanksgiving Turkey didn't prevent units dying to Honeypot Ant Brew
  • Known issues with this patch
    • You can’t rename deckslots. This will be available in the next patch.
    • The blueprint draft button should not be on the hero select screen because it doesn’t have any specific relevance to a hero. For now, this is where the button is, but by the next patch we will move it somewhere else.
    • The art in the opening cutscene for story level 1 (“Pilot”) is a work in progress. The artist (MysticFox) was hired recently and hasn’t had enough time to do the final pass. By the next patch they should be finalized.
    • Music choices for the tutorial are incomplete, we are looking to get additional music which fits certain cutscenes better.
    • Story levels 4-9 are planned, but not implemented yet. This is the majority of work for the next patch.
    • Campaign mode is disabled until two patches from now, when we will release an expanded version of the mode.


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Version 0.46.112 Nov 04, 2018
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Version 0.46.111 Nov 04, 2018

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