v0.52.119 Story Mode Complete

Story levels 4 through 9 have been added. Beating level 9 unlocks Ashgerdy and the Card Creator.

    • Ashgerdy can no longer be purchased with Gold
    • New “skip cutscene and summarize” button shows a summary of the cutscene you’re skipping
  • The “Win 20 Multiplayer or AI Games” introductory quest no longer awards Vriktik. It now awards 3000 Gold.
  • Deck Workshop:
    • You can now rename your decks by clicking on the name in the workshop.
    • Now shows how many copies are in your deck, and if new copies have been added
    • Players can now save decks with less than 45 cards, but can’t start a game
  • Animations:
    • Slight improvement to golden card animation
    • An “evil” version of the golden card animation plays when you play a card against its creator
    • New animation for level up rewards coming out of portals
    • Added damage numbers
  • You can now press A when choosing attackers to attack with all.
  • More grammar fixes, thanks a lot to Lucco1
  • The hero you were last playing is now saved between sessions
  • It’s now possible for games to end in a draw due to infinite loops or both players dying at the exact same time.
    • If this occurs during a normal pvp game it’s most likely a bug and should be reported.
    • This was introduced primarily to prevent long-running or infinitely looping game states from impacting the performance of the server for other players.
    • The card submission rules don’t allow for cards that intentionally draw the game.
    • Draws count as losses for both players for things like rank calculation and victory gold.
  • Aurora Gate (Ashgerdy’s Level 4 Hero reward) now can’t attack.
  • Added tooltips that explain keywords the first time you see them.
  • The editor has been renamed to the Card Creator
  • Card Creator:
    • “Group: Items at range of places…” and "Group: Items at certain places..." now start counting at 1 instead of 0. The old versions have been marked obsolete and will only show up on cards that are already using it.
    • New Blocks
      • Change ATK and HP of Unit(s)... - Convenience block for abilities that modify both ATK and HP
      • Group: Sort by Number Property
      • Group: Do Something for Each Item… (!!!)
    • Attack Changes - We’re making the interactions between effects that force units to attack, on-attack triggers, and the “Can’t attack” ability more consistent.
      • Removed “Can Attack” property
      • “Is Attacking” property is now read only
      • New “Make Unit(s) Attack” block forces a unit to attack. Also triggers any on-attack triggers attached to that unit.
      • New “Cancel Attacks” block. Used only for Imp of Procrastination style effects.
      • “Can’t attack.” and “Can’t block” built-in abilities. Units with “Can’t attack” can’t be forced to attack.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Agile will now work if it’s given to a unit after it enters play.
    • Silencing a unit that has queued Duelist or an Active ability will stop the ability from happening.
    • You’ll no longer sometimes see the attacks your opponent was thinking about making.

Known Issue: Visual bug where the losing player immediately dies  as soon as the turn is passed by both players.


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Version 0.52.119 Dec 03, 2018
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Version 0.52.119 Dec 03, 2018

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