v0.55.127 - Friends, Challenges, and Referrals

  • New Feature - Friends List
    • Add friends by their Username or Email
    • Challenge friends to multiplayer matches, with the Card Creator optionally enabled.
    • Friendly matches don’t give quest progress or gold, and can be played anytime.
  • Refer a Friend - existing players who have finished Story Mode can invite up to one friend to Collective. When your friend finishes Story Mode, you’ll both get 1500 Gold. Please don't share invite codes on the subreddit, or ask for them. Feel free to share them in the Discord.
  • Cards that reference or create other cards will now show a preview of those cards when hovered.
  • Players can no longer use the Card Creator in browser until they’ve beaten story level 9.
  • Cards with missing targets will play a “fizzle” animation to show that they failed.
  • New Rule - The Rule of 13: No triggered ability or effect can happen more than 13 times in one turn. For example, an Undying Chicken can’t revive more than 13 times in one turn.
  • Disconnecting and reconnecting should now work in Story Mode.
  • The turn timer now increases in proportion to the number of animations played while resolving the previous phase.
  • Main Menu:
    • The AI Match and Multiplayer buttons have been split into separate buttons on the main menu.
    • The Card Creator Multiplayer button has been removed because its been integrated into the friend challenge system.
    • The Campaign button has been removed until Campaign is ready to be reintroduced.
  • Card Creator:
    • New Properties
      • Abilities are able to access their own blueprint through the Ability Blueprint property. This is useful for abilities that want to remove themselves. See Foresight for example.
      • Before Resolving Trigger (Card) - Trigger that happens before a card begins resolving. See Foresight for example.
    • The Play Animation block now takes an optional “Source” block for directed animations. See Imp of Halitosis.
    • If a Deal Damage block uses a directed animation, the animation will now start from the damage dealer, not the card (if they’re different).
    • Won’t stop you from leaving the page until you’ve made a change to the current card anymore.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed bug where a card having too many keywords could cause the game to stop working.
    • Fixed bug in Imp of Procrastination, and other cancel attack effects.
    • Effects that force units to attack weren’t popping Ward.


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Version 0.55.127 Dec 21, 2018
collective-windows.zip 415 MB
Version 0.55.127 Dec 21, 2018

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