Added passive progress indicator for Ashgerdy

  • New challenge accepted graphic
  • No more out-of-game graphics settings picker. All resolution and quality settings have been integrated into the main settings menu.
    • The game window can no longer be resized by dragging in windowed mode. Users should try the borderless fullscreen mode for this effect.
  • Replaced many animations on core set cards
  • Players can no longer save invalid decks in the deck workshop until they finish story mode, to prevent getting stuck by removing cards in your deck.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • If finishing a story mode game while disconnected, the game will now try repeatedly to reconnect.
    • Fixed the mana ball on golden cards appearing very small in colorblind mode in some interfaces.
    • Field Clone (Ashgerdy’s level 5 reward) is now Mind affinity
    • Fixed issue where when Centien Ghoul created multiple tokens, only the most recent was being set to 1/1 stats.


  • The special animation for playing a card against its creator now works.


collective-osx-universal.zip 412 MB
Version 0.57.129 Dec 26, 2018
collective-windows.zip 415 MB
Version 0.57.129 Dec 26, 2018

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